Anti-Fog Cloth


● ANTI-FOG CLOTH. Stop your suffering with your glasses fogging up when you wear a face mask, while enjoying a hot food or drinking hot beverages, or when you go into a heated or air-conditioned room.

● SAFE & ADVANCE NANO-TECHNOLOGY. Anti-fog cloth made of high-quality microfiber that prevents lens scratches. 100% safe anti-fog solution keeps your eyes safe from irritating chemicals.

● EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT. One application can last up to 48 hours, especially when glasses are placed or used in normal humidity or regular room temperature. You can also maximize its usage by utilizing each and every part of the cloth, not only the center part since the whole cloth has an anti-fog agent. Reusable for up to 300 times – store cloth in the original sealed bag.

● MULTI-PURPOSE. One cloth but many functions. The anti-fog lens wipes cloth can be used for any lenses, like glasses, goggles, helmets, camera lenses, car rearview mirrors, bathroom makeup mirrors, screen, windshields, binoculars and more.

Size Guide

How to measure your face to fit eyeglasses


Measuring the frame width

Hold the ruler horizontally across your face and below your eyes. Measure the distance between the left and right temples. Record the measurement in millimeters.


Calculate the frame width range by subtracting and adding 2 mm to your result.


Determining the temple length

While temples range could be 120–150 mm (4.7–5.9 in), but typically it's just four sizes: 135, 140, 145, and 150mm. The wider your total width, the larger your temples might be.


The lens height

is the vertical height of the lens.


Frame sizes

eyeBOGO offers 7 different frame sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL). Choosing the right one is key to making sure your new glasses correctly fit your face. Each size group is based on age, frame width and lens height.      



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