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Myopia is a 21st-century public health problem that will affect 50% of people by 2050. Our daughter (with an SPH of -5.50) is not alone, and about 62.5% of teens in the United States suffer from a similar ailment.

Once my wife and I noticed that our daughter can no longer see in the distance. The sharp question arose: "What can we do?" The solution, of course, is obvious - consult a doctor and buy glasses.

But not everything is as simple as it seemed, because for this you need to visit a local store and spend about $ 400 on the simplest points with a three-week delivery time. A piece of plastic with polycarbonate lenses for $ 400 ?! Really?

The management of myopia presented by many optometrists has not been proven, and the FDA has not yet approved any treatment.

The most important question that we pursued was: “Can we make glasses in a completely different way? By doing this, helping people see clearly again? The answer is YES, we found a solution!

That very day we decided to rid ourselves and the rest of this ugliness. We realized that it was necessary to create high-quality, convenient and affordable glasses for everyone in need.

This is how eyeBOGO came into being - a place where you can choose from a variety of beautiful glasses precisely comfortable ones that will not cause discomfort and will be perfect for you.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) eyeBOGO genius, based on optometry, patient age, pupillary distance (PD) and patient’s prescription, provides the most accurate lens parameters that will be convenient for long-term use of glasses without causing eye fatigue and will look as maximum aesthetically pleasing since it is very important to choose not only the lens material but also the model, properties and type of use.

You can check your eye PD for free here. No stupid poses in front of the mirror and funny manipulations with the ruler. Directly from any of your devices, you can make a measurement of your eye PD without leaving your place. You do not need to make an appointment and waste time in the waiting room.

We have developed the idea even further by introducing completely innovative digital high-definition lenses that provide clearer vision under the brand eyeBOGO and Shamir Autograph® III.

Absolutely all eyeBOGO frames include lenses with anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant, and UV protection. That's right, all of these options are already included in the price of the frame. As well as premium cases of 6 different colors for any choice. Availability of free shipping, 365 days warranty, and 30-day return policy.

Everybody deserve a perfect vision and therefore eyeBOGO offers the most simple, convenient and very inexpensive way to achieve this without leaving your home or office.